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Diving deeper into the world of fashion, this course is crafted for those personal stylists who've already navigated the fundamentals.

Advanced Personal Stylist

Margarita Muradova
Diving deeper into the world of fashion, this course is crafted for those personal stylists who've already navigated the fundamentals. It delves into understanding the profound impact of style decisions and how they resonate with a client's lifestyle. Additionally, participants will gain insights into evolving trends and the art of curating a cohesive look.


Access to the lectures is strictly according to the schedule. The first lecture will be available on (TBA), coinciding with the cohort start date.

All course lectures are released every Monday and Wednesday. Students in the Classic format will receive several homework assignments throughout the course, each having a five-day completion window (and an end-of-course assignment).

At the end of the course, each student in the Classic format who wishes to receive a certificate of completion from the MODEISME educational platform must write, submit, and defend an end-of-course project on a given topic.

Access to all course materials is granted for one year from the cohort start date, allowing students the option to revisit lectures as needed, deepening their understanding of the subject matter.


Access to the online course is granted for one (1) year.
1. Psychology of personal image.
• The role of psychology in working with clients.
• Foundations of psychology and its methodologies for crafting a client's style and establishing long-term collaboration.


Speaker: Co-founder of MODEISME Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Psychologist Oleksandra Zinkova.
2. Dress codes and their role in shaping a client's wardrobe.
• Types and origins of dress codes.
• Implementing dress codes into a client's wardrobe.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Training Manager of LVMH Ukraine, Oleksii Kraievskyi.
3. The capsule wardrobe approach: a core (but still progressive) service provided by a stylist.
• The essence of the capsule wardrobe: creating capsules online and offline.
• Working with various programs for capsule wardrobe creation, their distinctions. Creating an appealing stylist's presentation materials.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Co-founder of MODEISME, Kostiantyn Riabov.
4. Styling practice and crafting the perfect look down to the details.
• Garment details, fit, and cut characteristics (including a historical overview from the 19th to the 21st centuries).
• Practical session.
• Fragrance selection: peculiarities and secrets.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Fashion Historian Halyna Kokorina and Training Manager of LVMH Ukraine, Oleksii Kraievskyi.
5. Men and men's styling: The art of bespoke.
• Types of male body shapes and the nuances of working with them.
• Distinctive men's style elements.
• Essentials of a men's wardrobe and its characteristics.
• Navigating the world of men's fashion and pinpointing the right style direction.
• Crafting bespoke suits for clients.
• Men's style: basic principles, fashion guidelines, forecasting, and professional terminology.
• Shopping experiences with male clients.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Oleh Vus, Sales Department Head at Indposhiv and Heroism; Roman Tymofieiev, Fashion Journalist; Igor Donskikh, Men's Stylist.
6. Shopping tours and offline shopping without the client: locating sold-out Items.
• Designing and organizing shopping tours.
• Practical methods for shopping without the client and liaising with boutiques.
• Working within the luxury segment.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Lera Korf, a Guide, Concierge, and Buyer from Milan; Lea Valentina, a Parisian, Practicing Stylist, and Shopping Coach.
7. Media styling and dressing for events: styling photoshoots for clients.
• Media clients: nuances of working with public figures.
• Composition and key considerations in outfit structure for media personalities.
• Styling personal photoshoots for clients.
• Outfit choices for client events.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Svita Sobol, Fashion and Media Stylist.
8. Wedding style.
• Wedding styling: selecting outfits for the bride and groom.
• Collaborating with wedding agencies: pros and cons.
• Additional stylist services for weddings.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
9. Business development and monetization.
• Staff optimization and delegation of responsibilities.
• Organizing personal educational events and products.
• Stylist's rider and its uniqueness.
• Collaborations with brands, PR, and partnerships.
• Navigating business within the legal landscape.
Speaker: Margarita Muradova.
Guest speaker: Olha Shkil, Communications Manager at MODEISME; Anna Rymar, Producer; Alina Vrublevska, PR Expert and Brand Strategist; 2KK.com.ua.
• In-depth knowledge of stylistics and its facets for practicing stylists.
• Tools to enhance the quality of work and attract new clients.
• An understanding of the interplay between psychology and style in client interactions for achieving lasting and stable results.
• Fresh methodologies and services in styling, along with tools for their practical application.
• Techniques and strategies for self-presentation on social media as a stylist influencer.
• Profound insights into new business directions in style and their successful monetization.