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About Our Online Courses

What online courses/online intensive courses do you offer?
Currently, the following courses are available:

  • Online course "Fashion History" (UA/RU/English translation is work in progress)
Lecturers: Halyna Kokorina and Oleksii Kraievskyi.

  • Online courses "Personal Stylist" (EN/UA/RU)
Lecturer: Margarita Muradova.

  • Online course "Personal Style" (EN/UA/RU)
Lecturer: Margarita Muradova.

  • Online course "Advanced Personal Stylist" (UA/RU/English translation is work in progress)
Lecturer: Margarita Muradova.

  • Online intensive course "Styling Practice" (UA/RU/English translation is work in progress)
Lecturer: Margarita Muradova.
What is the duration of the online courses/online intensive courses?
Each of the available online courses/online intensive courses on the platform has its own duration:

  • Online course "Fashion History"
Duration of Video Lectures: 06:19:14.
Duration of the Cohort: 4 weeks.

  • Online course "Personal Stylist"
Duration of Video Lectures: 09:21:56.
Duration of the Cohort: 5 weeks.

  • Online course "Advanced Personal Stylist"
Duration of Video Lectures: 15:57:19.
Duration of the Cohort: 5 weeks.

  • Online course "Personal Style"
Duration of Video Lectures: 06:47:00.
Duration of the Cohort: 4 weeks.

  • Online intensive course "Styling Practice"
Duration of Video Lectures: 06:11:41.
Duration of the Cohort: 4 weeks.

Educational Format

What is the difference and what do the formats 'Classic' and 'Freeform' mean when I buy an online course, for example, "Fashion History"?
Some of the courses offered on the platform are available in two formats: "Freeform" and "Classic."

The "Freeform" format doesn't require you to complete homework assignments or a course project, but you won't receive a graduation diploma either. This is ideal for students who want to fully explore the course content but don't have the time for assignments or aren't interested in earning a diploma.

The "Classic" format, on the other hand, includes direct lecturer feedback on homework assignments (via eMail) and requires the completion and submission of a course project assignment in order to earn a graduation diploma.

Both formats provide access to the same amount of content, meaning the "Freeform" format is in no way truncated in terms of educational material provided.
How are the courses structured in terms of learning?
On our platform, lectures are released according to a set schedule. Regardless of the format you purchased ("Freeform" or "Classic"), access to the first lecture is usually granted on Monday, the start day, and the next one becomes available on Wednesday. The cycle repeats the following week. Some courses on the platform have individual lecture release schedules. To familiarize yourself with it, visit the individual course page under the "Program" section.

Typically (but not always), homework is announced after the second lecture. The timeframe for completing these assignments varies between 3 to 5 days, depending on the course. For students in the "Freeform" format, homework assignments are not available.

The final lecture of each course includes a course project. Successfully completing and defending this project is a mandatory requirement for receiving a MODEISME graduation diploma. For students in the "Freeform" format, the course project is not available.

Students in the "Classic" format, remember that submissions after the deadline will not be accepted!
How long will the lectures be accessible?
Each student, upon purchasing an online course, online intensive course, or webinar recording, gains access to it for a duration of one (1) year from the start date.
How can I download the video lectures on your platform?
The lectures on the platform are available for viewing only. Downloading lectures is prohibited by the terms of the Public Offer (Sec. 9.6).

Pricing and Payment Methods

What is the pricing for your courses or webinars?
The cost of each course is listed on the website in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). Next to it, a sum in the United States dollar (USD) is indicated as an approximate equivalent for the convenience of users from other countries. For more details, see the "Payment Terms" section.
What payment methods do you accept?
All purchases on the website (internet acquiring) are processed through the Fondy payment system. Payments are made using Visa/Mastercard from any bank, except for cards from Russian and Belarusian banks.
I have a non-hryvnia card. Will I be able to purchase a course?
Absolutely, you can use Visa/Mastercard from any bank and in any currency to make a payment — except for cards issued by Russian and Belarusian banks. If your card isn't in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), the charge will be converted to hryvnia at the current exchange rate. For more info, check out the "Payment Terms" section.
Refund Policy
In accordance with Sec. 6.3 of the Public Offer, refunds are possible if you have not yet been granted access to the course materials (access to the personal account). To initiate a refund, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Submit a Refund Application (a sample form can be downloaded here). The application must be filled out in Ukrainian (our team will assist any international students). In the application, include your payment receipt number (also known as the order number, which can be found in the email received from the platform after the purchase); the payment date, and the cost of the course/intensive/webinar you purchased, in hryvnia (this information can be viewed on the product card on the website). At the top, include your full name, address, phone number, and email. Below, include the date of submission and your surname and initials. After that, the application needs to be printed and manually signed. The scanned application, along with other documents, should be sent to our team at [email protected].
  2. A copy of the payment receipt (generated by the Fondy payment service during payment) or a copy of the bank statement regarding your transaction (which can be downloaded from any banking app; if necessary, consult your bank for instructions).
  3. A copy of the first page of your passport or any government issued ID.
  4. A copy of your Taxpayer Identification Number.
If you have any questions, please contact our team at [email protected].
I've paid for the course, but haven't received access to my personal account!
You should receive access to your personal account within two business days following your payment.
Are there any hidden commisions?
The Fondy payment service we use on our site doesn't add any extra commission fees on your end. So the price you see listed in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) is the final amount that will be charged to your card. If your card is in a different currency, a conversion will be made based on the current exchange rate for the Ukrainian hryvnia on the day of the transaction.
Do you offer the option for installment payments or a payment plan?
Payment is required in full; we don't offer installment plans.

Where should I start, and who is the target audience for your platform's courses?

What's the best place to start?
Certainly, here's a more streamlined recommendation for those who are keen on exploring the world of fashion:

  1. Start with the online course "Fashion History": This course, led by art historian Halyna Kokorina and researcher of historical valuables Oleksii Kraievskyi, will give you a foundational understanding of costume history and how it intertwines with global events. It's perfect for people from any background, helping you to appreciate the cyclical nature of fashion.
  2. Online course "Personal Style": If you're looking to discover your personal style and want to refine it further without a stylist, then the "Personal Style" course by stylist and co-founder Margarita Muradova is ideal. You'll delve into garment design elements, work on understanding your own body proportions, and experiment with styles until you find the perfect fit for you.
  3. Become a Personal Stylist: For aspiring stylists, we recommend starting with "Personal Stylist" also by Margarita Muradova. This comprehensive course combines theory and practice and will guide you through everything — from fabric choices and styles to client management and building your own fashion platform.
  4. Advanced online course for Experienced Stylists: If you're already in the field but looking to upgrade your skills, then the "Advanced Personal Stylist" course by Margarita Muradova will be beneficial. It focuses on expanding your service offerings, growing your client base, and navigating more complex styling needs, such as event-specific dress codes or shopping tours.
Choosing the right course depends on your interests and career aspirations, but this roadmap can serve as a good starting point.
Is there an age limit for the education program?
There are no age restrictions. However, students under the age of 18 must have parental consent.
Are the courses suitable for guys?
Our courses, like fashion itself, have no boundaries or limitations in terms of gender, age, or appearance. Among MODEISME graduates, you'll find both men and women.

Homework and Deadlines

What kind of homework is assigned to course students?
We offer both theoretical and practical assignments, available in both online and offline formats. For example, a theoretical task for students in the "Personal Stylist" course could be to analyze fashion houses; a practical task might involve creating specific looks either from a store or from their own wardrobe.
What are the consequences if I fail to submit my homework on time?
If you don't complete the homework at all, it will impact the effectiveness of your learning and the degree to which you assimilate the material. However, failing to complete homework assignments will not affect your ability to receive a MODEISME diploma. To obtain the diploma, you will still need to submit and successfully defend a high-quality course project.
If I have a husband, two kids, a dog, and two jobs, will I be able to manage the homework deadlines? Is it possible to submit assignments past the deadline if I can't keep up?
It all depends on you and your learning pace. Over five thousand graduates from around the world have completed our courses, and everyone has their own personal circumstances. However, the rules have been consistent since the platform's inception: assignments submitted past the deadline are not accepted.
If I live in a small town without any good stores, not even a ZARA, how will I complete the homework assignments for the styling courses?
All assignments can be completed online, by putting together outfits using online stores.
Will I receive a diploma if I perform poorly on the course project?
You will not receive a diploma if you perform poorly on the course project. However, you do have the option to resubmit an improved version of the project, correct the mistakes, and subsequently earn your diploma!

Other Questions

I've gained access to the personal dashboard, but all the lectures are locked!
In that case, your cohort hasn't started yet. The first lecture becomes accessible on the course start date, which is always a Monday. The next lecture will usually be available on Wednesday. The cycle repeats the following week.
I'm interested in becoming a stylist. When will I start earning money?
A lot depends on you — how well you promote your services both online and offline, how persistent, effective, and adaptable you are in various circumstances.
Is there a group or chat where I can communicate with students from my course cohort?
Within the framework of our educational framework, a group or chat for the cohort is not provided. Experience shows that such a feature often does more harm than good, as it distracts the student with constant notifications on their phone. Additionally, such a group or chat would require constant moderation to prevent students from being misled by incorrect answers from their peers. That's why we strongly encourage students to direct their questions to the project team and lecturers by emailing the addresses provided in the student's personal dashboard. For general inquiries, you can email [email protected].
If I live in a small town, how can I develop in the styling profession?
You can always develop yourself through online resources. Moreover, by establishing a strong online presence as a stylist, you can offer a full range of services remotely.
There are so many stylists nowadays. How can I survive in this competition?
Everyone has a different niche and target audience; there's a client out there for everyone. The key is to work actively and continually develop and improve your services.