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Payment Terms

Payment is facilitated through the Fondy payment service (Sec. Sec. 6.2 of the Public Offer).

All client payment details are transmitted in encrypted form, and the payment process is safeguarded by the Fondy Protect anti-fraud system, which nullifies the possibility of fraudulent interference. More details can be found on Fondy's website.

Each product on the site is priced in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), alongside its equivalent value in US dollars (USD).

When making a payment through Fondy, the amount in hryvnia (UAH) is used, and any Mastercard/Visa cards in any currency* are accepted. This is because, irrespective of the card's currency, a currency conversion to hryvnia will take place at your card-issuing bank's exchange rate during the transaction. To know the exact amount that will be withdrawn from your account in your card's currency, consult your card-issuing bank for the exchange rate to hryvnia (UAH) on the transaction date.

*Since the onset of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, cards issued in the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus are not accepted for payment.

Once access to course materials hosted on our website is granted, funds credited to the service provider's bank account are non-refundable and non-compensable ( Sec. 8.7.1 of the Public Offer).

Upon purchasing an online course or intensive online course, login details for your personal dashboard (username and password) will be sent within two (2) business days from the moment of payment to the email address provided during the payment process.

Login details for accessing the recorded webinar will be provided within two (2) business days AFTER the webinar is conducted.

Access to purchased online courses/intensive online courses or recorded webinars is granted for one (1) calendar year from the start date of the course/stream or the date the webinar is conducted ( Sec. 2.6 of the Public Offer).

If you have any questions related to payment, or if you have not received the login details for your personal dashboard, please contact us by your preferred method (see the Contact Us section).